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2005 pontiac vibe get to know guide.pdf

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Pontiac Vibe 2005

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4 Getting to Know YourVibe closed again, it will lock automatically Remote Keyless Entry when the car has reached 5 mph. The locks can be set to any of the following The Remote Keyless Entry system locks modes and unlocks the doors and liftglass from Mode 1 All doors automatically lock a range of three to 30 feet. At times the when shifted out of Park. Doors do not range may be shorter than usual, which is normal. If the transmitter doesn’t unlock when shifted into Park and the seem to be working properly ignition is turned to OFF. Mode 2 The doors do not lock or Ensure that you are within transmitter range of the vehicle. Rainy and unlock automatically. snowy weather can reduce Mode 3 All doors automatically lock transmitter range. when shifted out of Park. All doors auto matically unlock when shifted into Park. Check to see whether other vehicles or obstacles are blocking the Mode 4 Factory Setting — All doors transmitter signal by stepping a few automatically lock when shifted out of Park. All doors automatically unlock feet to the left or right, and hold the transmitter higher when pressing the when shifted into Park and the ignition is button s . turned to OFF. Consider the length of time that the How to Program Automatic Power transmitter battery has been in Door Locks service and replace it if necessary. To change modes settings , simply Note If the UNLOCK button is pressed 1. Set the interior light switch to other and no door is opened, the doors will than the OFF or ON position. lock automatically after 30 seconds. 2. Shift the shift lever into Park position and close all doors. The door lock/unlock functions will 3. Turn the ignition to the ON position. Keep all doors closed throughout this not operate if any door/liftgate is open or if the key is in the ignition. procedure. See Section 2 of your Owner Manual. 4. Within five seconds after the ignition switch is turned

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