Video - Xcorps Motor Sports 2.) SPEEDFEST seg.4 HD

Videa Pontiac Nascar Xcorps Motor Sports 2.) SPEEDFEST seg.4 HD

Xcorps Motor Sports 2.) SPEEDFEST seg.4 HD

Xcorps Motorsports 2.) SPEEDFEST seg.4 HD -- This Xcorps motor sports special rolls full throttle with a return to one of the most unique and scenic classic car racing events in the world - the Coronado Speedfest in San Diego California where great American, European and Japanese high performance cars are not just parked for pretty display but are there to flex some race track muscle loud and in your face proud! This Xcorps show features the Xcams shooting cars with American names like Barracuda, Challenger, AMX, Plymouth, Ford and Corvette rolling loud and fast and they are featured here racing along with many other classic vehicles! Edited together with the Speed Fest race action is a NEW country style MUSIC VIDEO from RIVE promoted band Bobby Dean doing his song White Lightning or pink Champagne - Nice fit! Additional music from local San Diego band FANG and a French band The Fairchilds headed up by singer/songwriter Cyril Niccolai who drives a sweet 1965 Pontiac GTO! Great ear blasting shots of classic Euro and Japanese race machines like Porche, BMW, Audi, Ferrarri, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Benz, Datsun, Toyota and more tearing past the Xcorps cameras at full throttle each with their own distinct race sound! Topping things off in the show are classic NASCAR race vehicles restored to their original racing glory roaring down the 1.7 mile runway track wide open! This segment features as much action as we could fit into it with shots right on the track up close and personal ...

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