Video - Update on the 1997 Pontiac Sunfire and a Cold Snowy Start

Videa Pontiac Sunfire Update on the 1997 Pontiac Sunfire and a Cold Snowy Start

Update on the 1997 Pontiac Sunfire and a Cold Snowy Start

This video was taken Febuary 2nd. 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. We bought this back in October with 163 000 KM'S. It seemed to be a good buy, a older couple and it has been well taken care of, they had a stack of receipts of everything they had done to it since new! The only thing they knew it needed for safety was the rocker hole fixed, we had it about 3 days and it started overheating, they thought it could of been the thermostat so we did that. It was still overheating, so we did the head gasket which did have a crack in it, but it was still overheating. So we then did the water pump. It stopped overheating but now we had no heat, so we did a full rad and heater core flush. We had some heat but not a lot. By the time we had everything fixed it was now late December and the car only had 164 KM'S on it now, we had put less then 1000 k's on it. We changed the air filter and also done a brake line. We then noticed that it had developed a gas leak, so we got that fixed then took it for a safety and the mechanic found that the K Frame is Rotten. It was barley noticed the mechanic almost missed it but when he found it he could put his fist through it. We decided enough is enough with this car and sold it today with 165 286 KM'S we put less then 3000 K'S on this car in the 4 months we owned it. So i guess this is the last video of it! lol, we are now on the hunt for something else! Rate Comment and Subscribe and don't forget to check out my other video's!

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