Video - Talladega - Supercharged GTO at the Superspeedway

Videa Pontiac Nascar Talladega - Supercharged GTO at the Superspeedway

Talladega - Supercharged GTO at the Superspeedway

Threw this together finally, had some pretty crappy source video that's been sitting around... I'll be better prepared this year though, new GoPro HD on its way! Also have some better source footage from a Mach1 I'll throw up soon. This is the Vettes for Vets charity event at Talladega National Speedway... Mods at the time: 2005 Pontiac GTO Magnacharger mp112 (stock pulley) Shorties, Bassani cat-back Monster Clutch King / Monroe Drop and Pedders bits Other supporting small stuff... About the video, I never went near wot on either session, and was a bit hesitant on the turns because of stock skinny tires. Just not enough room to totally wind her out... You got to do 5 laps per session which are paced, I did 2 sessions that day. I popped 140 on the back stretch at one point:

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