Video - Sunbird GT Turbo dyno test #1

Videa Pontiac Sunbird Sunbird GT Turbo dyno test #1

Sunbird GT Turbo dyno test #1

1987 Pontiac Sunbird GT turbo at my friend's dyno shop in Peabody, Ma (SV Performance) Oct 21st, 2011. It made 262 HP and 342 ft lbs of torque at 25 lbs of boost. It has a 2.0 4 cyl, TH 125C transmission, Mitsubishi TD06 17C turbo modified by Blouch turbo, Walbro 340 with home made hot wire kit, 52 lb injectors, custom intake manifold, tube header, GN 60 mm TB, home made 3" downpipe and 2 1/2" dual exhaust, 31" x 4" x 12" bar and plate intercooler, Alky Control methanol injection, and a custom OBD1 computer chip.

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