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Videa Pontiac supercharger Sick GTP (Project 11's)

Sick GTP (Project 11's)

Chris Hinson's 1997 Pontiac grand Prix GTP, l26 lower end, XP cam, Ls6 valve springs, Ls1 Throttle body, 85mm MAF, coated SSAC headers, wrapped crossover, dynomax exhaust, 3 inch cutout, race-tronix fuel pump, HD fuel pump rewire, Alternator voltage booster, Triple Edge Performance transmission (3.29 gears) Gen V supercharger, ported lower intake, ZZP modular pulley system, 3.3/3.0/2.8/2.6, 4" air intake, Dowker rebuilt heads (milled .020), 9.73:1 overall compression, DTM motorsports dyno tuned. This car made 335 WHP on a ported gen 3 supercharger, Non-intercooled!! and a 3.0 inch pulley. This setup produced a 12.7 second 1/4 mile at 110 mph with a 1.9 second 60 foot. and was capable of mid-low 12's with slicks. It currently has a Gen V blower and will be tuned to run a 2.8" pulley or smaller. We hope to make close to 360 WHP on this motor and 460 on a dry shot of nitrous.

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