Video - RCMP Motorcycle chasing a Pontiac Torrent in Moncton

Videa Pontiac Torrent RCMP Motorcycle chasing a Pontiac Torrent in Moncton

RCMP Motorcycle chasing a Pontiac Torrent in Moncton

Codiac RCMP Motorcycle unit tried to pull over a 08 Pontiac Torrent Blue in color, around MacBeath just before 3 PM for talking on phone and speeding. The male driver took off and the Officer chased the vehicle along Connaught, onto Killam Drive. Other RCMP Officers including street crime responded for backup. The Motorcycle Officer followed the vehicle along Edinburgh Drive, when an Officer in charge called off the chase. Some Officers went the wrong way towards Berrys Mills because they had a hard time to hear the Officer that was chasing the vehicle because of his siren was louder then the Officers voice. Police already have a name of the suspect. Free Police Fire and Ambulance SCANNER, listen in , shoot it , upload it , and watch the discussion, be sure and invite Friends & Family to Newschaser Group...just click on the little speakers to the left opens in new window, listen to 1 or all 4 at once. Thanks to Jeremy Quillian let's see if he can hit number 1 in North America for most listeners AGAIN :)

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