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Pontiac Trans Am Tribute Video

This is a Trans Am tribute video song is Stay by 12 Stones I do not own the song but I do own this file RIP Pontiac Trans Am 1969-2002 It may not ever be made again but it will live forever in our hearts it was overshadowed by the Camaro but It is one of the best to date factory sports cars Please Enjoy! 10secondride

This, is, Trans, Am, tribute, video, song, Bob, That, Head, by, Rascal, Flatts, do, not, own, the, but, file, RIP, Pontiac, 1969-2002, It, may, ever, be, made, again, will, live, forever, in, our, hearts, was, overshadowed, Camaro, one, of, best, to, date



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