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Pontiac Trans AM LS1 Tune Up

I havn't seen any ls1 tune up videos on any of these cars yet. Everyone Complains how Spark Plug #8 is such a nightmare, and it really is if you dont know what your doing, don't have the right tools, Etc. Don't waste your money buying a "special" tool for this job. Its easy and this video will help get you through it in a matter of minutes! Step 1: Get tools you will need. 10MM "semi" deep socket. NOT A DEEP SOCKET Shorty Ratchet and a normal long ratchet Flat head screw Driver Small Channel Lock pliers and/or Specific clamp pliers Flash light if its kind of dark.. Obviously Special Spark Plug Socket. Extendable Magnet and maybe some brews! Step #2: Use 10MM and unscrew your AIR Pump Metal fitting. (OPTIONAL): Use your flat head and remove the metal fitting off the hose. You can lay the hose across the Intake. Also Remove the OIL dipstick. You do not have to move the cables at all. that is also optional Step #3: With your small pliers, or clamp pliers, reach back and squeeze clamp and pull back on to heater core hose. Once you have done that, Gently and carefully twist hose and lightly pull hose back off the plastic piece. If it does not twist, put your Channel lock pliers back there, put over hose and use that to twist, eventually it will twist, give and slide right off. Step #4: once you have the heater hose off and pulled back, you will then use your shorty ratchet wit the 10MM SEMI Deep socket and start do loosen and pull the bolts off. Step #5: Unplug the Old coil ...

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