Video - Pontiac Silverdome Auction Preview: Episode 1

Videa Pontiac Pontiac Silverdome Auction Preview: Episode 1

Pontiac Silverdome Auction Preview: Episode 1

General information, registration, auction format and schedule for the Silverdome auction. Sealed bids for the absolute auction can be submitted until Nov. 12 at 4pE. Built at a cost $55 million, the Silverdome was the largest arena in the NFL when the engineering marvels doors opened in 1975. So what does the winning bidder get? How about 127.5 acres, special zoning from the city and of course the dome. Dont have an NFL franchise to put in the Silverdome? No problem. Pontiac city leaders are ready to work with the new owners on just about any redevelopment proposal. Sealed bids are now being accepted by Williams & Williams through Nov.12, 2009 at 4p ET. At that time, the city of Pontiac, in its sole discretion, may declare the current high bidder the winner and the auction ended. OR the city may elect to invite no more than the top five high bidders to a best and final outcry auction. Should the city determine that they will continue the auction to final outcry, that live event will be held in Pontiac, Mich., on Nov. 16, 2009 at 1p ET at the Marriott Hotel in Pontiac, to give all finalists time to travel to Pontiac. For more information contact Dan Falls at Williams & Williams at 918.362.6558 Considered an excellent high-profile redevelopment opportunity, the Pontiac Silverdome, an 80300-seat stadium, is prominently situated on 127+/- acres accessible by I-75 and M-59. Built at a cost of $55.7 million, the dome was the largest arena in the NFL when it opened in 1975. The ...

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