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Okay for Devon, this has been a money pit, and well 1st week he had the car he spent 1500 for paint, 2nd week the engine locked up, after I dropped a used engine in it, another 1000 later, 2 days after that his tranny went? why, IDK, 1st time in my history of engine swaps for such to happen. he has code for 2nd gear solenoid fault. how could of I caused any of this? not to mention when I started working on his car, his tranny pan had a huge leak, the bolts was all loose, I was able to tighten by hand. and then the leak stopped. but also his dipstick tube popped out on me, when pulling the engine it to wasn't bolted down, and that cause another qt to leak out on the ground. anyways I had my good friend Joel go over the work, he owns the same model GTP! also works in automotive, we double checked all the wiring and vacuum, makes no sense. just had to be weak tranny or when engine was locking up, it put strain on trans

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