Video - Pontiac G8 GXP Interview Video - Kelley Blue Book

Videa Pontiac Pontiac G8 GXP Interview Video - Kelley Blue Book

Pontiac G8 GXP Interview Video - Kelley Blue Book

FOR MORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS VISIT: 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. Pontiac was once revered for its iconic performance cars like the GTO but its recent offerings have been plagued with tacky body cladding and overblown "sporty" design details. Thankfully, General Motors' Bob Lutz took a hatchet to the flawed designs and brought in Holden, an Australian division of GM, to help rebuild the style of these performance-driven cars. There is no better representative of Pontiac's design revolution than the new G8 GXP. Gone are the side strakes and large spoilers of years past, leaving behind sleek bodylines and only subtle hints to the power that lies under the hood. A new front fascia, with large twin port grilles and air intakes, houses the same LS3 6.2-liter 402-horsepower V8 engine that propels the Chevy Corvette. Other new design elements include 19-inch high-polished aluminum wheels, chrome accents including quad exhaust tips and an understated rear spoiler. Click on the Video below to watch Pontiac's Doug Houlihan show's Jack R. Nerad around the new Pontiac G8 GXP. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

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