Video - Pontiac G6 GTP Pioneer Sound System!

Videa Pontiac G6 Pontiac G6 GTP Pioneer Sound System!

Pontiac G6 GTP Pioneer Sound System!

Here is the 2nd Update of my Girls 2006 G6 GTP with a whole new Sound System, It is very nice and sound clear as day, no where near mine but perfect for her. Here is what we put in her Car... - Pioneer Double-Din with Built-in Bluetooth 5.8" Widescreen (AVHP3200BT) - Pioneer 6-3/4" Component Speakers (TSD720C) - Pioneer 6x9" 2-Way Speakers (TSD902P) - Pioneer 10" Champion Series Subwoofers (TSW258D4) - Powered by Alpine MRP-F550 2/3/4 Channel (Bridged at 250 RMSx2) - Bass Works Sealed Sub Box - Tsunami 100amp Fuse - "Monsoon" Factory Amplifier to Power Speakers This is pretty well it for now, No more upgrades until Winter is Gone, Have Brand new Struts, Shocks and Springs coming for it along with new Brake Pads and Slotted&Drilled Rotors. Wanted a Pioneer amp but Could not sell this one so saved a few dollars and just used my nice Alpine :D Ask if you would like to know anything at all!

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