Video - Pontiac Firebird 2010 Butt Commercial

Videa Pontiac Firebird Pontiac Firebird 2010 Butt Commercial

Pontiac Firebird 2010 Butt Commercial

This 1-minute fake commercial was filmed by Hiroki Kamada and Tobias Deml, location: Mojave Desert, California. It took us three months to edit it (we were so indecicive that we made two different versions with different endings). The camera we used was a Canon 7D, which we sometimes mounted on a cheap steadicam, sometimes on a self-built wooden camera crane. Edited on Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. The car used is a Pontiac Firebird 1992 with T-Top; the titles were made with After Effects and Cinema 4D. Version 2:

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Délka: 1 minut : 8 sekund
Autor: TobiasDeml
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