Video - Police Car Drag Racing 5-20-2011

Videa Pontiac Drag Race Police Car Drag Racing 5-20-2011

Police Car Drag Racing 5-20-2011

Watch as a san diego police department ford crown victoria police car code 4 racing drag races on the 1/8 mile track. watch as he beats a pontiac gto, beats a bmw. The ford crown victoria is sure a well rounded street car. you can drag race, run on the dirt or asphalt track even enter a destruction derby. watch as the police car drag races a very fast Antonio Loya 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse RT .738 ET 7.213 @ 98.03 MPH They even turn the lights and siren on the return lane. The "Code 4 Racing Program" was conceived and operationalized by San Diego Police Department officers Mark McCullough and Scott Thompson. Modeled after the national "Beat The Heat, Inc." program, the pro-active San Diego "Code 4 Racing Program" was designed to assist with re-directing young people from participating in illegal street racing activity to the fun, safer and sanctioned alternative of legal track racing. In addition, the importance of "buckling up" and strictly adhering to "0 tolerance" guidelines are also emphasized by the off-duty police officers. The San Diego "Code 4 Racing Program" emphasizes the safety message of "Cops and Racers". SDPD officers McCullough and Thompson are an important component of all Qualcomm Stadium based 1/8 mile drag racing events. This exciting non-traditional approach of having off-duty police officers racing along side young drag race participants provides a unique opportunity for interaction and relationship building ...

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