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Misfire Code Pontiac TransAm DTC

Misfire Code Pontiac TransAm DTC Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle: Google Play Android APPs: Amazon Video DVDs: Barnes & Noble Nook: Apple iTunes iPad: Robo-Tech was called to a shop with a 1998 Pontiac Trans Am, and a 5.7 liter engine, having a misfiring issue. The shop replaced parts gallore, including the plugs, wires and fuel filter, which was totally unrelated. When the tune up didn't work, the shop performed a fuel injection cleaning and de cocked the throttle body. Finally, they realized that the missing cylinder was number 5 and took a compression reading, which proved fine. It was at this time that the shop decided to call me in for assistance. As soon as I got to the shop, I questioned the tech for his input on the matter. He said that other than the missing number 5 cylinder, the engine had power. He also pointed out that when he removed the number 5 spark plug, it appeared to be cleaned. He took a compression test, but found compression to be fine, so gave up on the matter. I started my diagnostic by performing a compression test, but not with a compression gauge. This engine was totally sealed. I wanted to use a fast way to determine engine compression, or at least have a ball park figure. So, I decided to use my high current clamp on, Amp probe. The Amp probe is hooked around the battery negative cable, and the engine is cranked. With each revolution of the crank, the start ...

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