Video - Limit Pushing - Pontiac Grand Prix 0-60 Test

Videa Pontiac Grand Prix Limit Pushing - Pontiac Grand Prix 0-60 Test

Limit Pushing - Pontiac Grand Prix 0-60 Test

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 0-60 Test The Pontiac Grand Prix: The Pontiac Grand Prix is was first introduced in 1962 as a full-sized automobile. John De Lorean put a great deal of development into the original Grand Prix, which was seen in the full sport options. The Grand Prix went through six generations until its update as the seventh generation on the GM W platform in 2004. The seventh generation was split into four options groups with the first groups sporting the series III 3800 200 hp V6 engine and the last two groups (the competition groups) hosting a series III 3800 with a supercharger installed to bring the hp up to 260 hp. The seventh generation suffered declining sales and the car was eventually phased out into the G8 before Pontiac's demise.

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