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Largest Crash in NASCAR History

Thanks to Rustyfan for this great capture. In 1960 Daytona Superspeedway hosted this sportsman race. 68 cars entered into the race, back then there were a maximum of 68 cars in a superspeedway race. Coming out of turn four 37 cars get into a massive wreck where at least six cars get on their roofs. Amazingly, evryone walked away from this. By the way, I am really getting tired of people having arguments that lead to name calling and slander. If I see a comment that put another member down or uses any derogatory language, I will delete it and any replies to it immediately. Also, if you do not like racing or think it is a sport, that's fine, but at least give some logical thought into a comment that you post. I will once again delete any comment along the line of "nascar sucks" or "nascar is for dumb rednecks LOL!!1!1". All I ask is for some civilized conversation, and not trash talking.

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