Video - HVRA Challenge Snetterton 231011

Videa Pontiac crash HVRA Challenge Snetterton 231011

HVRA Challenge Snetterton 231011

Some footage from Bernie's HVRA re-birth race at Snetterton 23rd October 2011. Part of the excellent Classic Sports Car Club Late Autumn meet, so plenty of other good cars and racing, there are clips of the Swinging Sixties Classes AC during qualifying and the first lap of the superb JEC Jaguar XJS Championship as well. Plenty of V8 action for the HVRA taken from different points, I got the Williams Morgan Plus 8 and Mark Wright in Bernie's Corvette before it caused the days only red flag. Sadly in the race, the McCarthy MGB V8 and Gisbourne Pantera were early retirements with mechanical trouble, and the Gray Pontiac and Withey Camaro suffered crash damage. Mr Weyman's IROC-Z is a tad smokey but it doesn't slow him down. Bosie Thurtle in the blue no.74 Camaro wins from the orange no.181 Tiger of John Finnemore.

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