Video - GTP Supercharger Whine

Videa Pontiac supercharger GTP Supercharger Whine

GTP Supercharger Whine

A short vid of the Eaton M90 screaming! I was on the way to pick up my new ram air hood and that is why I am missing the hood. Current Mods: 2.8 Supercharger Pulley, Full Size Intercooler, 1.9 Modded Rockers, Headers, Intake, 180* T-Stat, Dyno Tuned at ZZPerformance Car ran a 12.9 @108 last year and should be good for mid twelves this year

Grand, Prix, GTP, Supercharger, Supercharged, Eaton, M90, 2.8, pulley, intercooler, ZZP, whine, loud, quick, fast, rice, eater, mustang, 12, second, L67


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