Video - GTA IV Custom Car Show (Life is a Highway)

Videa Pontiac Firebird GTA IV Custom Car Show (Life is a Highway)

GTA IV Custom Car Show (Life is a Highway)

DanK got some people from Liberty City to show off their cars. And they need your help to decide who has the best car. So please show them your support and vote. Please Vote for your favorite car. 1. Mazda RX-8 2. BMW M3 Hamann E92 3. Porsche 911 Turbo S 4. Dodge Viper SRT-10 5. Ferrari F430 6. Dodge Challenger Concept 7. Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 8. Pontiac Firebird 9. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am All cars have custom handling.dat All these cars are rated 8 out of 10 or more. You can find these cars and more at.... My favorite car is the Pontiac Firebird. Not only is this car fully detailed, it really shines nice. The Mazda and BMW comes in a close second. Music by..... ..... Tom Cochrane "Life is a Highway" Game Played and edited by..... .....DanK Programs used..... .....GTA IV PC video editor .....Sony Vegas Platinum .....CorelDraw 9 Mods Used..... .....Simple Native Trainer 6.0 by sjaak327 .....No Rockstar Watermark Mod by wiep_rzu Keep up on the latest news by visiting these websites..... .....http Even though I don't respond to every comment, I really appreciate them all. Thanks for Watching and reading this..... .....Please comment, rate, and subscribe.



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