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Grand Funk Railroad- I Am Your Captain

I am your captain (closer to home) by grand funk railroad, off their closer to home album. I do NOT own this song or the album cover, and am NOT claiming it as my own. It's ten minutes, and i couldn't find a good quality full-length studio version of the song, so i made one. I think i uploaded it wrong yesterday, because it never finished processing, so ill try again. WHOA, watching this video, i was wondering what would happen if this was the one i uploaded yesterday, and id have 2 videos of it up by the end of the day, then i remembered that happening to me with this video 2 or 3 months ago, then i remembered remembering that happening to me before 2 or 3 months before that! crazy... Go to my channel to vote on a poll for a halo video that i probably will never get around to making.

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