Video - Farewell Aztek (The Last Drive)

Videa Pontiac Aztek Farewell Aztek (The Last Drive)

Farewell Aztek (The Last Drive)

Here is the video taken on March 30, 2011 where I had my last piece of ownership of my 2003 Pontiac Aztek before I traded it in. I purchased it on February 6, 2007. I had problems with it from time to time (like the infamous 3400 V6 intake gasket problem that was fixed twice and it currently had a transmission problem developing), but I was lucky enough to not have any serious computer problems like many Aztek models have had over the years. This is the car that spawned my first actual vehicle review by in May 2009 called "The Aztek Featurette" It was, overall, an excellent vehicle and I do miss driving to this day. Enjoy! Be sure to check out many more Mike's Vehicle Spotlight features and subscribe to the channel for the latest features. Also, on't forget to "like" Mike's Vehicle Spotlight on Facebook today!

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