Video - Cleaning My engine 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix 3100

Videa Pontiac Grand Prix Cleaning My engine 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix 3100

Cleaning My engine 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix 3100

Risky, yet very sucsessful job. I used PURPLE POWER degreaser and a presure washer to clean 16 years of dirt and grime off of my 3100V6.. I have Pressure washed many cars Only having one problem with a 1988 Grand am with a QUAD 4.. Remember- Take notes of this procedure, it was sucsessful but I stongly recommend taking extreame caution when using this.. 1) never direct Pressue towards the engine or any of its componants at full force for a long period of time 2) keep away from all delicate electrical componants ( Mass air sensor and other electrical componants. Cover your carburator if you have one. 3) If you have a air compressor use a blow gun and blow Compressed air over the engine adn all of its componants and crevices. 4)Start engine immediately after washing is complete. shut down after a few seconds, check oil dipstick for water contamination in oil. Restart engine if ok and run till operating temp * Note, try AT YOUR OWN RISK...Also do not spray water or any solvent on a hot engine

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