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Videa Pontiac drift Chasing the Touge DVD

Chasing the Touge DVD

Available at Chasing the Touge takes you inside the world of canyon racing where adrenaline junkies race through the "touge" or mountain passes; pushing ... all » their cars and driving abilities to the limit. Drifting, Rally Racing, Track Battles and more all rolled into one. Features: Gravel Crew Interview and Live Touge Runs, Pikes Peak and Calvin Wan Interview, Team Symphonic and Midnight Touge Runs, M7 Tuning and Migthty Miniz Canyon Runs, Rim of the World and Tombstone Rally, Drifting at Formula D, M7 Mini Cooper vs Nissan 350Z Track Battle. Bonus: Honda S2000 vs Mazda RX7 FC Touge Battle, Calvin Wan Nissan 240SX vs Rhys Millen Pontiac GTO Drifting Battle, Dai Yoshihara Silvia Drift Tech in Japan, Falken Tires Pikes Peak Canyon Run, On Board Mini Cooper vs 350Z Track Battle, On Board Gravel Crew Subaru WRX Uphill Battle

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