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Videa Pontiac 6000 A Tribute to Pontiac

A Tribute to Pontiac

A quick overview of Pontiac Motor Division, from the first Pontiac-branded car built in 1926 and its beginnings as an offshoot of the Oakland car company, to the final '09 and '10 cars. Also features some commercial and movie footage in which Pontiacs played an important role. My first car was and is a 1985 Pontiac 6000 STE, and I want a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT very badly someday, so the brand's elimination came as a shock and a huge disappointment to me. I hope Pontiac may one day return, but for now, this video is my farewall salute to a great brand with a great history. Enjoy. Thanks to all people who supplied the photographs and video clips. A few of the pictures are my own, all others have been borrowed from others and I take no credit for their creation. All content is property of its respective owners. Music: The Chemical Brothers - "Surface to Air" I'd like to make a big thank you to J16FOX2 for his help in making this video. Please check out his videos. Thanks!

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