Video - '97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 0-60 Fast car !

Videa Pontiac Grand Prix '97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 0-60 Fast car !

'97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 0-60 Fast car !

Check out my Facebook page and click Like ! UPDATE: With the dynolicious app on my iPhone 4 the car went from 0-60 in 5.35 seconds. This was the best of three runs. The first run I floored it off the line and spun just like in my video. That run time was bad! 7.3 seconds. The next run I went easier on the throttle and then put it to the floor. It still spun, but the time was 5.71 seconds. The last run was better, spinning less and was 5.35 seconds. I wonder if I can get a 5 flat! 0-60 in my lightly modified 1997 GTP. Lots of tire spin!, GTP, ZZP, L67, Grand, Prix, 3800, series, II, 3.8, GTX, Fiero, LT1, swap, LS6, race, street, Iowa, mustang, gt, gnx, gn, national, gxp, gpx, ZR1, ZO6, 9C1, 1LE, 0-60, Lumina, LTZ, Monte, Carlo, Impala, SS, M90, eaton, whipple, D



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