Video - '85 Fiero GT Stock with 200+K

Videa Pontiac burnout '85 Fiero GT Stock with 200+K

'85 Fiero GT Stock with 200+K

Video of my 85 Fiero GT. Engine is completely stock and has a little over 205000 miles on it. Repairs and upgrades I've done incude stage 2 Beck and Arnly Clutch, 2nd generation stock Fiero clutch hydraulics (versus the sub par 1st gen which it had), shortened shifter to 3 inches, KYB suspension all around, 17" rims with Nexen high performance tires, magnecore 8mm ignition wires, new distrubuter, platinum spark plugs, and new gaskets throughout. Not a huge chunk of rubber, but pretty impressive for a stock 2.8 with 200K and really grabby tires. The red one is my father's stock 86 Fiero GT 5 speed. Link to his vid:

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