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Videa Pontiac Grand Am 80's Commercials Vol. 250

80's Commercials Vol. 250

These commercials aired on NBC on November 19th, 1987. 1. TV Spot for "Nuts" 2. Tone 3. Audi 90 4. Van DeKamp's 5. Hyundai 6. Life (I totally remember these ads but haven't thought about them in years) 7. Cover Girl Extremely Gentle Mascara 8. McDonald's 9. Honda Prelude SI 10. Kentucky Fried Chicken (With Foghorn Leghorn) 11. Pictionary (We had this exact version) 12. Pontiac Grand AM (Perhaps the most "80's" car commercial I've posted) 13. Moosehead (Ok, this is epic for the song already, but the guy with the glasses is Eric Boardman, star of several dinosaur documentaries and a Disney Channel personality during the 80's and early 90's) 14. "Late Night" Commercial Bumper 15. Promo for "Miami Vice" and "Private Eye" 16. The Shops Of The Bourse 17. Suzuki Samurai (With Michael Winslow) 18. Diet Pepsi (With Michael J. Fox) 19. Promo for "The People's Court" 20. 7-11 21. TV Spot for "Barfly" 22. Roy Rogers 23. Toyota 30th Anniversary Celebration Days 24. Polaroid Spectra System 25. Magnavox (With The Smothers Brothers) 26. JC Penney 27. Kodak Ultralife (Why does 2001 STILL sound like it's in the future?) 28. Hershey's 29. Met Life 30. Opti-Zyme Lens Cleaner 31. Polaroid Spectra System 32. Miller Lite 33. Strawbridge & Clothiers Jewelry Sale

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