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72' pontiac catalina

this is a 1972 pontiac catalina.. it spent most of its life here in the good ol' south technically the 3rd owner of this car.. as i got it from a guy who got it from his mom all . new reared gears new custom cut and balanced drive shaft new turbo 400 and converter with a high pressure valve body . motor has less than 8000 on it it was blown apart as it was originally a 2 barrel machined block bored 30 over. ported heads. had headers on but they cracked so stock manifolds are up on it new plugs, wires, dist, elec fuel pump new water pump, alternator, red energy suspension bushings new exhaust true duel. interior recovered back seat mazda buckets in front headliner is original and perfect. trans-am center con. the car is rattle can black. no rust in interior just some on the front quarter panels behind front tire. original vinyl top. great sunday car.. starts up and drives with no problem just needs a good cleanin' and some lovein' for sale locally in CHARLOTTE NC..




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