Video - 427 SOHC Cammer 740HP Dyno Pull | QMP Racing

Videa Pontiac Drag Race 427 SOHC Cammer 740HP Dyno Pull | QMP Racing

427 SOHC Cammer 740HP Dyno Pull | QMP Racing

Tom Fry's 427 SOHC Cammer on the dyno making 740hp. This engine will be going into a '63 Galaxie and will run on normal pump gas. Thanks for watching; remember to watch in HD! QMP Racing is located in Chatsworth, CA Check out our website: Like us: Tags: Dynamometer chatsworth race dyno QMP engine Racing Drag Mustang Burnout Turbo Exhaust Camaro Corvette Cars Cobra Muscle Street Mile Supra Shelby Pontiac Turbocharger Ford Paradise "Drag Racing" "Chevrolet Corvette" Dodge Twin "Drag Race" Stock Mazda Boost HP horse power torque Run "Burnout Paradise" muscle galaxie 63 cammer SOHC 427 nos nitro nitrous oxide Automobiles Ls1 Z28 Holden Truck Loud Raceway Z06 Rx7 Performance Dragster Rev Custom Viper Srt4 Rotary

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