Video - 2JZ Firebird Dyno 496rwhp 20psi

Videa Pontiac tuning 2JZ Firebird Dyno 496rwhp 20psi

2JZ Firebird Dyno 496rwhp 20psi

Changed a few things on my car and put her back on the dyno, car now has a Ford 9" rear axle, 1350 series 3" driveshaft, Borg S366 turbo, and runs on E85. Still having some tuning issues over 20psi with it breaking up (think i got it figured out but we'll see). Car has stock motor/cams/all internals are stock, TH350 trans, Coan convertor, FIC 950cc inhectors, EBAY FMIC, SS exaust manifold, Haltech EMS. Really wanted to run 30psi but the car was being fussy so i guess this will do for now. Same power as last year except on 6psi less boost and the Borg S366 comes on 1000rpm sooner and hits twice as hard as the old Master Power76mm


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