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2013 The Firebreather - Pontiac Firebird

the Firebird was the upscale Camaro, with arguably better styling, slicker interiors and more options. Along the way there had been unique engines available like the awesome 455 and the surprisingly-competent-for-the-80's Buick V6 in the Turbo T/A, but for the most part it was a re-hash of Camaro wearing a different cut of leather pants. That was what we were expecting when we slid into the custom Alea leather seats of the Firebreather. It's certainly not what we found. The Firebreather has come to life in a unique way, the impetus and design come from Exxodus Pictures, a Michigan-based film studio, brought here in large part because of the generous tax credit afforded films shot in the state and because the people behind it are natives. Firebreather is loosely based on the Firebird and is the hero car for their film Jinn, which recently wrapped up shooting around the metro-Detroit area. As a way to build buzz and recover some of the costs, the producer, Ajmal Ahmad and his associates partnered with Classic Designs in Novi, Michigan to develop a line of products and custom cars based on their movie car. This would normally be a little far fetched, but Pontiac Firebird fans seem to love anything that can keep their fantasy car alive after the brand took a dirt nap. There will only be 50 Signature Series Firebreathers built, exact replicas of the movie car, right down to the electroluminescent eyebrows necessitating an off-road-only use waiver from each buyer. There will ...



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