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Videa Pontiac GTO 2005 Pontiac GTO LS2 with Nitrous

2005 Pontiac GTO LS2 with Nitrous

We have on consignment at Hot Rod City Las Vegas a friend's 2005 GTO that is a bad ass street racer as well as an amazing daily driver, if you are Steve McQueen that is... with only 14000 miles this Goat has been decked out with it's LS2 6.0 liter engine with a boost of 175 Shot Nitrous with Electric Activation. Cold Air Induction, Special Custom interior, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power locks, Automatic, Headers, Electric Cut-outs, Special Cam, 391 Rear End, Torque Converter, Drag Bags, Borla Exhaust, Mickey Thompson Drag Radials with two new Extra Tires and Mag Wheels, Multiple CD Changer, Custom Trunk Design for Nitrous Tank. For the street or dragstrip, you will be all set with this amazing Pointiac GTO HERE ARE SOME DRAGSTRIP STATS FOR YOU: In the 1/4 mile with nitrous it got 11.7 seconds and went 118 to 119 mph In the 1/4 mile without nitrous it got 12.8 and went about 106 mph Without nitrous the car has 440 HP and with nitrous it has 600 HP Asking Price-$25900 Give us a call!! Steve or Eddy **702-331-6400** **213-500-8619** Hot Rod City, Las Vegas 5115 Dean Martin Dr. #905 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

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