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2005 Pontiac Grand Am SE

America's top-selling compact was redesigned for debut as an early 1999 model. About the same length as before, the front-drive coupe and 4-door sedan rode a 3.6-inch longer wheelbase and measured 2 inches wider. Interiors also were revamped. Grand Am was built from the same basic design as the Oldsmobile Alero, but styling differed considerably. Both body styles came in SE, SE1, and SE2 trim, as well as sportier GT and GT1 editions. Pontiac's 4-cylinder engine remained standard for the SE and SE1. Standard on GTs and the SE2, and optional on the SE1, was a 3.4-liter V6 that made 170 horsepower. Sole transmission was a 4-speed automatic. Antilock brakes and traction control were standard

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