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2005 Pontiac G6

OnStar Analog Hardware - Must be Upgraded to Digital to Function After Jan. 1, 2008 SEAT FRT BKT, CUSTOM Brake system: Front Rear Disc, Antilock MIRROR O/S LH RH, REMOTE CONTROL, ELECTRIC, MANUAL FOLD KNOB TRANS CONT LEVER, LEATHER Remote Keyless Entry, Remote Start Electric Blue Metallic TIRE ALL P225/50R17-93V BW R/PE ST TL AL3 HVAC SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER FRT, MAN CONTROLS HANDLE PARK BRK RELEASE, LEATHER Engine, 3.5L 6-Cylinder, SFI MERCHANDISED TRANS AUTO PROVISIONS, O/D Roof Sun Glass Sliding Panels SALES PROCESSING STOCK ORDERS Federal Emissions TRIM COMBINATION LEATHER, EBONY (2) (00) Steering Wheel Radio Controls HEATER SEAT, FRT Restraint System Seat, Frt Side, Roof Side STEERING WHEEL LEATHER, 4 SPOKES Convenience Package ADJUSTER FRT ST POWER, MULTI-DIRECTIONAL, DRIVER Radio: AM/FM Stereo w/6 CD Changer DISCOUNT OPTION PACKAGE Solid Value Appearance Package Trim Interior Design Traction Control Electronic WHEEL 17 X 7, ALUMINUM LABEL INFORMATION CONSUMER, CONTAINS BPR IMP STANDARD FOR FRT 5 MPH RR 5 MPH SPEAKER SYSTEM 8, QUAD FRT DR MTD, SHELF QUAD, AMPLIFIER

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