Video - 2000 Pont Grand Am EVAP P0440 Diagnostics

Videa Pontiac Grand Am 2000 Pont Grand Am EVAP P0440 Diagnostics

2000 Pont Grand Am EVAP P0440 Diagnostics

This vehicle came to us with a re-occurring P0440 trouble code. The cap has been replaced twice with no luck. We use a Smoke Wizard smoke machine to get down to the source of the problem. With the use of smoke mixed with a detection dye we find the problem, but it is not a smooth and easy path. On this and many GM models they use "spit back" valves and check valves in the case of a rollover. When you are checking for EVAP leaks these all turn into road blocks. We show you ways to get around them and sometimes how to put them to use. We sincerely hope you enjoy the video.

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