Video - 2000 Grand Prix GTP Walkaround, Supercharger Whine, Cruise

Videa Pontiac supercharger 2000 Grand Prix GTP Walkaround, Supercharger Whine, Cruise

2000 Grand Prix GTP Walkaround, Supercharger Whine, Cruise

This is one of the first videos I took of my car when it was brand new and stockers. I have painted the interior panels silver. Tinted all the windows to limo. Lots of appearance modifications all over the car. One of my favorite appearance modifications was my rear view mirrors which I'll be redoing here in the new future due to the fact that auto zone paint didn't last one damn Arizona summer before chipping! I have lots of videos of this car before and after modifications. So if your interested in buying or upgrading your grand prix check out some of the great after effects you can expect per each part. Thank you for watching feel free to comment,ask questions,rate and subscribe. 2000 Grand Prix GTP 3.4 Modular Pulley System 160 T STAT WBS Swaybars FRONT & REAR Custom Cold Air Induction System Tinted head & taillights 6000k FOG HID -custom setup- zzp 10.5 mm wires ngk tr55 plugs 17" Comp G Ninja Stars kumho tires 17/235/255 13" drilled rotor WBS brake kit stainless lines zzp sc coupler misc weight reduction hi flow cat pacesetter headers 3" downpipe del muff del resonator dual glasspacks custom tuned pcm 1/4 best time = 14.7 secs 0-60 best time = 6 secs

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