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1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Here is my 1997 Grand Am GT. As I have said in the video it has the 3.1 liter V6 in it. This car sounds like a beast. Power locks, windows, and sunroof. Very nice little 2 door coupe. I only paid 1500 for it. I'm looking forward to putting some aftermarket parts on it like a body kit, spoiler, wheels, Underglow LED's, tinted windows, Halo lights, and maybe more. I hope to make another video of the car by the end of summer and show you the car after everything i hopefully get is installed. I'm also looking forward to getting a new paint job. Please give me some pointers, tips, suggestions and any other comments that may help me out to make this car quick, stylish, or just a different car. Thanks so much! Peace Out!

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