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1981 Pontiac Trans Am

This is a picture collection of my current project. A 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. It is originally a turbo but will be getting a 350 or 400. Front clip is going to be 77-78 Trans Am style. Has t-tops snowflake rims. Dual exhaust with Cherry Bombs. This car is going to be custom to my likes as I will be driving it. Staying with 15 inch snowflakes which will be wrapped in new BFG's later on. I have a 400 I am thinking of rebuilding for it but may go 350. Will have the Black and Gold paint scheme like seen in the last photo in this video. Next to last photo was another idea I like, Black and Silver. It is currently in my garage stripped and ready for minor repairs and upgrades. I am still looking for a shaker hood for it, so if you live or know anyone around Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky with one let me know. I do not claim any music in this video, all music rights belong to Korn.



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