Video - 1978 pontiac trans am playing

Videa Pontiac Trans Am 1978 pontiac trans am playing

1978 pontiac trans am playing

early 2005 just after buying the car. tyres were on there way out so bought new ones and killed these. this vid is over 2 days and is edited from 53mins of video! car was stock. it now has 1972 350 race heads ported etc, roller rockers, edelbrock intake, headman headers, egr removed, race cam, 3inch sidepipes, no silencers, air shocks on back, complete new brakes and suspension, etc etc. will be having another go at this soon! let the complaints about killing cars begin...lets be honest...probably from saxo driving chavs!

burnout, trans, am, pontiac, firebird, 400, 6.6, doughnuts, 1977, 1978, 77, 78, sound, cruise



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