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Videa Pontiac Trans Am 1976 Trans Am , Old Dixie

1976 Trans Am , Old Dixie

My son was looking threw old photo albums, when he found a pictures of my old car. He knew i fixed up a number cars and trunks threw the years, but never that it started. Junior found 2 cars i found a third, i thought i was off to a great start ...not ! Two & half years later & alot of work,she was done ! A twin to my frist car, carousel red 1976 Trans Am with black interior. She has the Pontiac 400 // 4 barel carb // auto // and duels. I'm proud to say the original delco am/fm radio & factory 8 track are here working. Yes, i still have working tapes. I took her to a local show, while there a lady caught my attention saying: ( she was in a car just like this going over 100 mph her husband) Her name was Diane & she only remembered my car, not me. l remember that night very well, 4 of us were in the car.....great times & memories! More to see at: ( ) Thanks Tommy ,& thank you for looking....

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