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Videa Pontiac crash 1975 Pontiac, MI Outlaw Street Race.wmv

1975 Pontiac, MI Outlaw Street Race.wmv

This is the second of the two "Outlaw" road races held right on the downtown streets of Pontiac, MI. Racing past City Hall! It had a full on LeMans, run across the street, jump in, buckle up and start your car start after first qualifying for your grid position. This is the race where Warren Tope was killed while driving a McLaren Can-Am car. There were 55 cars entered with everything from HP Sprites, to Trans-Am Corvettes to Can-Am race cars. Wild & crazy And it paid PRIZE MONEY to the top finishers. I won $1700.00 finishing 2nd OA in my B/P Corvette after a really terrible start. Paul DePirro (race car co-owner) and I could not get the belts fastened to take off after I jumped in the car. I also had to stop part way in the race when my Hurst shift lever came loose too. Then the race was "Red Flagged" at Tope's crash for about an hour. Then it was restarted so we could finish the full 1.5 hour timed race length. This film was shot by my brother Dave Fyhrie using a Super 8 camera and later editing together several of the 3 min max time film reels. Old school videoing for sure. Any additional comments? In this video: David Fyhrie (videos), Cecelia Soukup (videos) and Buzz Fyhrie (videos)

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