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1966 Pontiac Catalina dash removal

Here's an overview of what I went through to get the instrument cluster out of the Pontiac in order to replace the dash electrical harness. This was a lot of work, especially on an 87 degree day. I ended up moving the car into the yard under the trees because I just couldn't deal with working in the direct hot sun. Some of the instruments, plus the original radio may now be junk because of all the water that's been allowed to leak into the car over the past 6 years. In fact I would like to congratulate the former owners for their laziness. Can you believe they actually thought puddles of water in the floor were because of a bad heater core, even though the car was sitting undriven?? The rest just needs cleaned up and repainted. The big expense will be seatcovers should I choose to do that much. Enjoy!

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