Video - 1964 Pontiac "GRAND PRIX" TV AD

Videa Pontiac tuning 1964 Pontiac "GRAND PRIX" TV AD

1964 Pontiac "GRAND PRIX" TV AD

When "MEN WERE MEN" and "CARS WERE CARS", nothing like today on BOTH counts. ---Especially with FART CANNED LOUD CARS that have A LOUD BARK and SMALLER BITE. I saw a road test from back in the day of one of these early '421 HO' Grand Prixs knocking off 0-60 in the high 5s low 6s on crappy bias ply tires of the day and the 'slusho-matic' automatic trans (pre 1965 with the good TH400 tranny). --And those times were 'stock' WITH NONE OF MY SUPER TUNING!

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