Video - 1960 Pontiac "Ramona" Tribute to Scrapped Ventura Car

Videa Pontiac Ventura 1960 Pontiac "Ramona" Tribute to Scrapped Ventura Car

1960 Pontiac "Ramona" Tribute to Scrapped Ventura Car

A few still photos preface this short tribute video to what I found out was "Ramona'" to it's previous owner.. A 1960 Pontiac Ventura 4 dr flat top, poor Ramona was swamped in a Hurricane in Key West Florida and her sheet metal corroded. The roof was so bad it was perforated. Before that though, she had been fixed up pretty nicely. In the glove compartment were receipts for new dual exhaust, rebuilt transmission and rebuilt heads on the engine, rebuilt front end and new brake system.. I bought the car on Ebay for $100. Of course, it cost quite a bit more to drag it back to Charlotte NC.. I originally was going to strip it were it was by my pal Todd suggested we bring it to NC.. Good thing he did. The parts from this car turned out to be a gold mine. The Trans and exhaust system currently serve in the '60 Catalina and I have plans for the engine soon. It's always great to have spare parts before you need them and this has plenty.. Power steering pump, power brake booster, front end parts.. the ball joints and bushings had less than 2000 miles on them.. Brake drums and bearings all had low miles on them, too.. Even the frame was good but nobody wanted it so I saved the 3:08 rear, cut it up with a sawzall and hauled it to the scrap yard.. Got $300 back for the carcass! This is my first attempt to string photos and video together and it's not great but I hope you don't feel like you wasted 10 minutes...



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