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1953 Pontiac Custom Catalina

This is a slide show of my 1953 Pontiac Catalina. It was recently repainted in it's factory colors of Milano Ivory and Laurel Green. Built in the factory in Pontiac, was the 73rd Pontiac off the assembly line in that factory beginning on November 17, 1952. The car has had a mechanical and on the frame cosmetic restoration to include gas tank, fuel pump, carbuerator, water pump with system flush, wiper motor, door and window weatherstrip, sill plates, radio and clock, all four brakes, wheel cylinders, hoses and master cylinder and shocks all around. It rides on four new Coker wide white wall tires. All grille pieces have been replated. The trunk contains a restored GM correct jack with spring hold down and jacking instructions. A spare white wall tire is in place.

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