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Videa Pontiac S/E 133102 / 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE

133102 / 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE

For more information on this vehicle visit Few decals in the automotive world have inspired the same level of devotion that the Trans Am's 'screaming chicken' has. If you dream in black and gold, take a closer look at this pristine 1979 Special Edition Trans Am. Fresh out of a frame-up restoration, this well optioned 'Bird is one of the few cars capable of combining a solid investment with a ton of fun. From the razor straight body panels to the greatly improved panel fitment, the quality of work performed on this car is obvious. Covering that restored body is a coat of glossy code 19 Starlight Black paint that shows more depth than any original lacquer finish is capable of. On top of the slick black panels, a set of Special Edition-exclusive outlining stripes complement the iconic hood decal. While Trans Ams were never heavy on bright work, there are plenty of detail pieces present including the familiar quad headlight set-up, Fisher T-tops, factory black out taillights and side-splitter exhaust tips that combine to give this car a sinister presence. Open the hood and you'll find the original L78 V8. Branded with the PWH suffix code, it was among the last 400 cubic inch Pontiac motors. Rated at 220hp in factory trim, these were strong engines for the emissions-restrictive '70s. Dressed in GM corporate paint, the engine hosts a long list of factory correct parts including the Rochester carburetor, original intake manifold, 6x heads and factory cast iron ...



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