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133093 / 1965 Pontiac Catalina

For more information on this vehicle visit If you're looking for a unique and impressive classic that'll draw big crowds and elicit long stares wherever you go, this Tri-power convertible is your ticket! Despite being delivered to Burnett Pontiac in Cincinnati, Ohio, this awesome Catalina has spent the majority of its 47 years as a resident of the hot and dry south. During the car's recent restoration, all its original rust-free body panels were aligned to better than factory standards and sprayed in a correct coat of GM code N Burgundy Red basecoat/clearcoat. Naturally our skilled restoration staff in Mentor wanted the car to look its absolute best when unveiled; so they color-sanded its burgundy profile to highlight the body's arrow-straight panels, and buffed every inch of its clearcoat into a mirror-like shine. Take a look under this Catalina's long, beaked hood and you'll find a 421 cubic inch Tri-power V8 which was delivered from the factory with an impressive 356 horsepower. Topping the motor is three chrome GTO-style air cleaners which funnel wind into three freshly rebuilt Rochester two-barrel carburetors. The resultant air/fuel mixture passes through a correct cast iron intake manifold to factory-spec internals which are housed in a correctly painted Pontiac Turquoise engine block. At the sides of that block, original heads hang pristine chrome valve covers above reproduction factory-style high output exhaust manifolds. And at the back of that block ...

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