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133040 / 1969 Pontiac GTO

For more information on this vehicle visit This fully-sorted '69 GTO hardtop, with its original Pontiac V8, original Muncie 4-speed transmission and correct red on red color combination, is the kind of car you can enjoy while it appreciates! According to this sinister '69 goat's reproduction window sticker, it was originally produced at GM's Arlington, Texas assembly plant and delivered to Charlie Cox Pontiac in Albertville, Alabama. Recently, Corvettes and Collectibles executed a high quality, professional restoration which transformed the car into a straight, road-ready classic that looks great from any angle. And presently, all its moving parts function as well as the day they left the showroom, its correct GM code 52 Matador Red paint is clean and vivid; and its mirror-like clearcoat finish defines sculpted, muscular lines with excellent, unbroken reflections. Pop the hood on this awesome GTO and you'll find its original 9790071 Pontiac 400 which was cast on June (F) 6th (06) of 1969 (9) and branded with a correct "WT" suffix code. Turning stout 10.75 to 1 compression into 350 horsepower and 445 lb./ft. of torque, this performance bred V8 utilizes open chamber heads, bigger valves, a hotter cam, a cast crank and cast rods to provide the legendary Pontiac performance we all know and love. At the top of the turquoise block a satin black, single snorkel air cleaner forces wind into a correct Quadrajet 4-barrel carburetor. At the back of the block, a ...



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